Using these indexes, punters can now compare live performances – for player, team, and match – with “what normally happens”; and receive insights into “what normally happens next”.

Momentum. Individual Player Performance. Attack performance. Team Scoring Power. Overall team performance. All these “expert opinions” we’ve heard from commentators for years, and years, over and over.

Now finally you can see these indexes come alive. Updated 3x every minute. Straight from the Ai game data. Not from the game pundit. Punters can see what is actually happening in the live game. When one team is getting the upper hand. When one team is looking dangerous. When a star player is having the game of his life.

See how attack typically performs under these same live conditions, so far this season. See what typically happens when momentum or score power reaches critical levels. And then? See what typically happens next – when the team or the players perform like they are performing right now. Based on form, players on the pitch, previous patterns and trends.

Win rate. Goal scoring rate. Goals conceded rate. Real, fresh, bet stimulation.